My PhD has been keeping me quite busy, so I haven’t had the time to devote to web design that I’d like. Nevertheless, here’s a list of some of the projects I’ve worked on, albeit showing their age:

  • www.gdc.asn.au – the Gravity Discovery Centre (GDC) is a non-for-profit organisation that provides educational displays and exhibits to teach us about gravity and the universe. Their website was however too hard for them to update, and was designed with an outdated web philosophy. My tasks were: to integrate a content management system, add some visual galleries, design a “virtual tour” of the facilites, change over from tables and inline styles to CSS / xHTML, do some basic search engine optimisation and add a google sitemap.
  • www.fallsroadps.det.wa.edu.au – Falls Road Primary School has approximately 230 students, from kindergarten through to Year 7. They wanted a website to allow them to keep in touch with parents and to facilitate staff interaction. To achieve this, I heavily modified the open source CMS system Drupal, implemented a secure staff-only section and organised hosting. As part of the package I gave some one-on-one tutorials to a few staff members to make sure they were confident using the system.
  • www.saundersconsultancy.com.au – Saunders Consultancy is located in Perth hills in Western Australia, and offers comprehensive & professional MYOB consulting. The website has been specifically designed so the client can rebrand in the near future and uses WordPress as a CMS platform. Free tutorial videos of common MYOB tasks are also in development, which will appear on the site, in both free and client-only sections.
  • www.aliceanon.com – Alice Anon is the pseudonym of a Western Australian artist, who is inspired by urban decay, geometry and old stories. Binaries. Mythos & logos, order & chaos, black & white. To share her art with the world, I’ve implemented a weblog, online gallery and contact form, as well as setting up hosting, DNS and creating email addresses.
  • 2-pad.physics.ox.ac.uk 2-PAD is an Square Kilometer Array (SKA) pathfinder project, which is jointly run by The University of Cambridge, The University of Manchester and The University of Oxford. It is a part of the European Union Square Kilometer Array Design Studies (SKADS), which is an international effort to investigate and develop technologies for the SKA.
  • kalamundarugby.com.au, hwafc.org.au, hwjfc.org.au – these ones are going back a bit further…