I recently ran into an error on my Mac install of LyX, where pdf images weren’t being displayed. After some searching, it looks like the error is a bug in Ghostscript 8.70, and can be fixed easily: http://www.mail-archive.com/lyx-users@lists.lyx.org/msg80148.html With Ghostscript 9.00 now out, this bug should be squashed (although I haven’t checked).   Edit: After upgrading to Lion, this error reared its ugly head again. After reinstalling Imagemagick (6.7.1-1) and Ghostscript (9.02), using Homebrew, my install is back in action.

To celebrate the release of LyX 1.6.6, I thought I’d upload an Oxford Thesis Template for mathematics/physics/engineering, based on K. Gillow’s excellent LaTeX class. While it’s tailored to Oxford, with a few modifications I’m sure it could be used for any thesis. To get it working, you’ll  have to copy the ociamthesis-lyx.cls into your TeX installation, and copy the ociamthesis-lyx.layout to your LyX layout directory. Have a read of the readme.txt for further instructions. Finally, here’s an example PDF.   Update (May 2011): I have…Continue Reading “Oxford LyX Thesis Template”

In my honours at UWA (2008), I was the lone cowboy who decided to LyX instead of LaTeX. It saved me a shitload of time and LaTeX related anguish. As such, I thought I’d offer a UWA Thesis Template up to give a helping hand to anyone else who wants to give LyX  a stab. In retrospect, there’s a few things I did dodgy along the way (I was pretty stressed out though, in my defense). Even so, I reckon it’ll be useful for some….Continue Reading “UWA Physics LyX Thesis template”