I’ve been using Sphinx to auto-document some python code, but noticed that there isn’t a Textmate bundle solely for Sphinx. Not to worry though: there is a reStructuredText bundle which will give you some nice commands, and here is a ridiculously simple command to run ‘make html’ for some sphinx documentation: #!/usr/bin/env python import os os.system(‘make html’) It’s just a few lines of python, that say to run ‘make html’ (most Textmate bundles are written in ruby, but python works too). All you then need…Continue Reading “A textmate command for sphinx”

I’ve been posting a lot of LyX stuff recently, and here’s another: http://elyxer.nongnu.org/ eLyXer is a python app that converts a LyX file to a nicely formatted HTML page. The files I tested worked a treat, so very excited. To install this on a Mac, first get Macports if you don’t already have it. Then, from the terminal, run: sudo port install ImageMagick sudo easy_install elyxer If you’re lucky that’ll work. If you run into a problem with ImageMagick, you probably need to install Java…Continue Reading “eLyXer: tex to HTML”

To celebrate the release of LyX 1.6.6, I thought I’d upload an Oxford Thesis Template for mathematics/physics/engineering, based on K. Gillow’s excellent LaTeX class. While it’s tailored to Oxford, with a few modifications I’m sure it could be used for any thesis. To get it working, you’ll  have to copy the ociamthesis-lyx.cls into your TeX installation, and copy the ociamthesis-lyx.layout to your LyX layout directory. Have a read of the readme.txt for further instructions. Finally, here’s an example PDF.   Update (May 2011): I have…Continue Reading “Oxford LyX Thesis Template”

No Mr Bond, I expect you to die..

To anyone doing an undergraduate degree in physics – download and learn to use these three programs: LyX: A frontend for LaTeX,  specially designed for people who don’t like LaTeX. You could consider it “training wheels for LaTeX”, but if you learn it well you’ll probably never need to learn full-on LaTeX. JabREF: A reference manager for making Bibtex bibliographies. It plays nice with LyX, and you can use it to organise all those papers you read just for fun. Inkscape: A vector graphics program…Continue Reading “Physics report with LyX + JabRef + Inkscape”

In my honours at UWA (2008), I was the lone cowboy who decided to LyX instead of LaTeX. It saved me a shitload of time and LaTeX related anguish. As such, I thought I’d offer a UWA Thesis Template up to give a helping hand to anyone else who wants to give LyX  a stab. In retrospect, there’s a few things I did dodgy along the way (I was pretty stressed out though, in my defense). Even so, I reckon it’ll be useful for some….Continue Reading “UWA Physics LyX Thesis template”