My name is Danny Price, I’m from Perth, Western Australia but have recently moved to Oxford. When I grow up I want to be a polymath: I love music, web design, linguistics and physics, and plan on persuing all four of them. I’m a Libran, so have trouble making decisions, but I’m also a physicist, so don’t believe in that sort of stuff. At least I haven’t decided if I do or not yet.

As a web designer, I believe in standards compliant designs, prefer CSS-xHTML-PHP-mySQL based development, and won’t build a client a website without a content management system so they can keep it up to date. I’ve recently got into using mootools for AJAX-ifying websites and blueprint css as a launchpad to cut development times. I get a kick out of building websites that build culture and communities – and have a few pet projects at the moment to create web applications that facilitate the spread of music, art and culture. More on that one day.

As a physicist, I’m studying a DPhil in Astrophysics at The University of Oxford. I’m working on aperture array design for the SKA, a whopping huge radio telescope, which, if I’m lucky, will be built in Western Australia. I graduated the University of Western Australia in 2008, with honours in physics. The philosophical epiphanies have been worth wading through the mathematic quagmire. I love astronomy and have a soft spot for opto-mechanics; I’m joining my honours supervisor David Blair to predict that someone will win a nobel prize within 10 years for achieving opto-mechanical entanglement. I prefer Hamiltonians to Lagrangians. Richard Feynman and MacGuyver are my heroes.

As a musician, I play guitar and enjoy most genres. I like music that pushes boundaries whilst still being accessible – it’s a fine line though. I like complicated rhythms, appreciate strong musicianship and good production. I don’t like unnecessary solos or showing off. My guitar heroes are Matt Bellamy, Tom Morello, Adam Jones, Johnny Greenwood and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.

As a linguist, I love languages. Chomsky is my hero. I speak a little Japanese. Use big words. I marvel at the lack of rules and how breaking grammatical rules is done on a daily basis (and rightly so). How words are part of your personality, how you perceive yourself as well as an intangible social glue. It seems to break down in the same ways that physics does when you reach certain points. I’d like to do an in-depth comparison of the two one day.

And finally, I love cooking, travel, art, my family, the world and my girlfriend. Not to mention brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string.