The Devil’s Handshake

This year’s 24 ways was a blast, and one of the articles that stood out for me was Andy Clarke’s tutorial on writing a Killer Contract. I think it’ll be saving quite a few developers out there from getting burnt. For my own dark desires, I’ve created a Microsoft Word template, complete with a macro to autocomplete it. I offer it here, free to use and redistribute as Andy did. I offer it as-is, make sure you look at it carefully before allowing the macro to execute, of course.

Using this, it only takes a few seconds to make a custom contract between you and a client. It should also only take a few minutes to customise it to your own styles and formatting.  If you’re even crapper at Word than me, then you might want to read up about user forms, bookmarks and form fields. The word MVP site is a killer resource for all that jazz. A quick MS Word tip: use ALT+F9 to toggle field view, and turn bookmarks viewing on in tools > options > views. Finally: IANAL, so YMMV. Good luck and enjoy!

Download contract template (zipped)