Hyperconnectivity and society

SkyNET from Terminator is probably the worst case scenario for hyperconnectivityI’ve only recently become aware of the concept of Hyperconnectivity: where everything that can be networked together, is. We are already seeing changes in the way we communicate: a lot of “Web 2.0” apps are essentially hyperconnecting us (as human nodes) to each other. I am intrigued by the question: “How will we adapt?” Here’s a few links to some people’s thoughts on possible repurcussions:

  • Hyperconnectivity Impact – David Martel. A quick look at why hyperconnectivity is inevitable.
  • Journalism in a Hyperconnected World – Stilgherrian. “Hyperconnected” social networking sites send news faster than news sites – how will journalism adapt? A good read.
  • Scary Stuff – Robert Ellis Smith. An eloquent and truly scary look at how privacy may fall by the wayside in a hyperconnected world.

I’ll be posting more on this sort of thing in the future. Stay tuned.