I’m sitting in “the coffee bean and tea leaf” café, which overlooks the transit lounge of Brunei airport. I feel like I’ve been transported back 20 years, into a middle eastern RSL club-cum-airport. A coffee and chicken pie costs almost exactly $10 AU, so I’m waiting for what will no doubt be lovely high class airport food. Scratch that, I have my high quality food and it’s quite edible. I love Brunei! As long as I don’t do something wrong and be punished by DEATH. With CAPS in the brochure.

I’m 3/4 the way through “The Cosmic Blueprint”, by Paul Davies, which is a good read although I haven’t been digesting it properly. I’ve already finished the web design mag I bought. I have a New Scientist left to read, which I hope yields a better reading-to-price ratio.

I got an emergency exit seat for the short trip, but have a killer 18hr leg left. Turns out the emergency exit isn’t thermally shielded so is a good place to cool down your water bottle. Think the flight attendant noticed me laughing to myself about how cookie cutter the buildings were. Hope I didn’t offend.

Saw a guy sleeping with his mouth closed but lips open. Thought that was strange. The Oreos on the plane seemed more salty than usual. Will investigate further if 491mg of Sodium is a lot. Main meal was dissapointing, canneloni was a bad choice.

Still have 2 hours to kill. Coffee bean guy keeps calling peoples names in a high pitch voice “Sir Steve? Sir Steve?” Planning on knocking myself out at exactly the right time to have a good first day in England.

Love you all